Project Description

CitNOW have utilised SharePoint to help their staff collaborate.

Empowering collaboration and strengthening governance for an international business

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CitNOW was formed by a group of problem solvers, keen to streamline the car viewing and buying process. In 2008, they created a solution that enabled buyers to view cars without visiting showrooms, and through their innovation, the automotive video industry was born.

Today, they have over 100 automotive and video experts working with a number of the most recognisable car manufacturers in the world. As their business continues to grow, with operations distributed across the UK, Europe and the US, they recognised a need to create a central hub for information, due to the complexities of having offices across multiple continents.

The Solution

The first stage of the project was clear, we needed to collate information from different systems into one easily accessible document management system. Every migration is different, so we worked closely with the team at CitNOW to design a bespoke migration plan that would work for them and their people.

Following a successful data cleanse and migration, one of our expert consultants hosted a workshop to understand CitNOW’s requirements in greater detail and how the data needed to be structured to allow for easy navigation, searching, and knowledge retention. From there, a SharePoint Intranet was designed and built with their unique requirements, and need of strong governance in mind. It was then deployed, without issue, across the enterprise.

The Outcome

Since project completion, CitNOW has experienced a wide range of benefits across the business. The vital data they collate and collaborate on throughout their daily operations is all stored in one easy-to-access, and more importantly, secure platform. On the topic of collaboration, the team at CitNOW have adapted and successfully adopted their new tools. Utilising co-authoring instead of sharing files over email or sending different links and different versions over chat platforms.

With the latest capabilities at their fingertips, users are able to work together on projects, regardless of physical location. Helping the company overcome physical distance and achieve a sense of a single team, working towards the same goal.

“As ThinkShare are located in the same building as CitNOW, they were the obvious choice to help with our SharePoint migration project.
We felt supported from the sales stage to the completion of our project, and the ThinkShare team were great to work with. The migration went very smoothly, and our new intranet ensures our data is secure and easily accessible.
We feel more like a single team, now having a “go to” place for all our news, information and documentation, despite having colleagues across the globe. We couldn’t be happier with our new capabilities.”
George Irvine – Head of IT, CitNOW.
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