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Bring purpose, knowledge sharing and employee learning into the flow of work.

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Viva Topics

Connect your company’s knowledge silos and reduce search time by 75%.

Viva Goals

Build a purpose-driven culture within a single unified goal management solution.

Answers in Viva

Put collective knowledge to work by matching employee questions to expert answers.

Viva Learning

94% of employees would stay with their organisation longer if there was investment in their learning and development.

Microsoft Viva is built on the idea that when employees thrive companies flourish. Forrester’s Total Economic Impact study revealed that Viva delivers an average 3x return on investment.

Viva brings together a range of EX capabilities with the potential to transform your organisation’s culture and the way work gets done. When Viva was implemented, time from onboarding to full productivity was 50% faster and employee attrition decreased by 20%.

Empower your people to learn and grow together in the places they’re already working.

Harness the power of collective knowledge with Viva Topics.

On average, it takes around 9 minutes to return to a fully focused state after a disruption. This context switching interrupts workflows and delays projects. You can make your processes more efficient by implementing Viva Topics, an AI-powered knowledge management system that sorts your information into topics and knowledge maps.

New starts can utilise Topics to quickly familiarise themselves with past projects and overcome blockers like company-specific acronyms. By hovering over the term, they can find a definition and link to the associated topic so they can start working on high-impact tasks quickly.

Viva Topics is strengthened with contributions from subject experts within the company. Boost motivation and enable collaborative learning in the apps people use daily such as Teams, SharePoint and Outlook.

Discover and share expertise through Answers in Viva.

Answers in Viva gives employees the ability to independently search for the answers they need, accessing people and knowledge from anywhere in the organisation. This is essential to bridge the gap between departments and locations and build an active digital network of knowledge experts.

When people view a Topics page and see a colleague’s name, they can reach out to them in Teams. Answers in Viva makes it easy to connect to people with the right expertise for new collaborations.

By adopting Viva, you’ll surface more relevant knowledge in-context so your people don’t need to leave what they’re doing to sift through unorganised files. Ensuring they have access to the most up-to-date, consistent information and minimising time lost due to miscommunication and errors.

Connect your people with your vision using Viva Goals.

34% of leaders lack the necessary tools to monitor goals and effectively keep their direct reports motivated and engaged. Goals provides end-to-end goal management by embedding the OKR framework into the employee experience. Helping you follow up on goals to ensure productivity and accountability.

Viva Goals connects your people to the wider organisation, their colleagues and business strategy. Unite your employees with a shared mission, allowing them to assess how they contribute to overarching goals through their daily work.

The Forrester 2023 State of Goal Setting Report found that 78% of employees confidently understand their personal goals but this drops to only 39% for company goals. It’s essential to clearly define goals and outcomes for maximum productivity. Goals increases your people’s sense of purpose and fulfilment in their role.

Establish a culture of continuous learning with Viva Learning.

Companies with a strong learning and development strategy retain staff for an average of 5 years, compared to just 3 years when reskilling options are limited. Give your people the knowledge to be successful at what they do while re-energising them.

Learning is most meaningful when it targets individual needs. With Viva Learning you can create personalised learning pathways and tailor resources to their career goals.

Microsoft’s Work Trend Index Report found that 61% of employees are more engaged when learning initiatives are an integrated part of their workday. This is where Viva comes in – encouraging social learning in Teams and your intranet and making learning a core part of everyone’s job.

By adopting Viva Learning, you can demonstrate your company’s commitment to ongoing skills development and attract and retain top talent. Ensuring your frontline workers aren’t neglected and have the same access to professional development.

Improve content discovery and learning with Microsoft Viva.

As an experienced Microsoft Solutions Partner, we are ready to help you achieve business success through the adoption of Microsoft Viva.

With several module options designed specifically for company growth, we’ll work with you to ensure your employees are equipped with the knowledge and learning opportunities needed to reach your full innovative potential. Whether you want to set and track goals or organise your company’s information for better cross-departmental collaboration, we can support you.

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