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In 2022, employee engagement is one of the most critical factors that employers must cater to. However, the way we work has changed and this has become a greater challenge.

This is why Microsoft Viva was created. It provides a number of solutions that improve the employee experience by maintaining their wellness and productivity, thereby offering organisation-wide benefits to a company’s work culture and morale.

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Empowering your employees to be at their best.

The world of work has forever changed. Now, the traditional requirement to work in the office-full time has changed and the number of remote workers has doubled in the past year alone. As our culture evolves to accommodate hybrid workers, this means ensuring an inclusive environment for your staff. Every employee should feel connected, no matter who or where they are.

Step in Microsoft Viva.

This solution is comprised of a number of modules, while some are integrated into your existing Microsoft Teams set-up, others come at an additional cost. However, all are designed with employee experience in mind, nourishing their engagement, growth, and development.

Viva Connections.

The home of Microsoft Viva.

Highlight updates and boost relevant news on the dashboard so employees can quickly catch up with what’s going on across the company.

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Viva Engage.

Build meaningful communities.

A professional social media with storyline and stories functions to share snapshots of your day, celebrate achievements

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Viva Goals.

Bring purpose and alignment to your employees.

Viva Goals is a module designed for business goal setting and management. It has been designed Goals to bring purpose and alignment to Viva customers.

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Viva Sales.

Supercharge your sales team and maximise your CRM.

Viva Sales reduces manual data entry by automating mundane tasks, providing sales professionals with a clear status on each contact and utilising AI to help you close more sales.

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Viva Insights.

Build healthy work habits to improve employee wellbeing.

Insights reminds you to be mindful of your mental well-being in the work environment. Reflect on your mood, take breaks, and use Headspace guided meditations to reduce stress.

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Viva Learning.

Discover, share, and prioritise employee Learning.

Viva Learning brings training into the flow of work so your people can learn when it’s convenient. Viva learning encourages seamless experiences to help your employees to focus on work.

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Viva Topics.

Share expertise, insights and knowledge.

Utilising Topics will boost your employee’s focus and creativity. Topics are also an excellent way to equip new starts with the tools needed to find answers or learn about previous projects.

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What ThinkShare can do for your organisation.

We will take the time to understand your company-specific requirements and what would work best for you. We then advise you on which, if not all, of the Microsoft Viva modules that would best support your business. From here, we deploy the desired modules to your Microsoft Teams set-up and advise you on how best to utilise these solutions to support employee experience and business objectives.

As Microsoft Partners and fully trained experts, we have completed many successful projects for a range of clients in public and private sectors. We work with you to understand your needs and build a solution that solves problems and boosts business efficiency. We also offer ongoing consultation post-deployment, so if ever you require additional help we are always here.

Contact us today and discover the impact that Microsoft Viva can make in your organisation.

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