Microsoft Dataverse

Securely capture and manage the data used by business applications such as Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.

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Centralised Data Repository

Dataverse stores all the relational and non-relational data that Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform applications sit on top of.

Common Data Model

Take advantage of analytics at scale by using self-describing semantics, machine reasoning and more for rich insights.

Maintain Data Integrity

Robust security enables you to control access to your data with role-based, row-based and column-based restrictions.

Build Apps with Dynamics Data

With Common Data Model you can easily share your data across platforms and processes to create powerful apps.

Dataverse provides business value faster with more agile solution delivery.

Create and run thousands of applications and flows with Dataverse metadata and data that is securely stored in the cloud.

Data is stored within a set of tables which are made up of a set of columns and rows (formerly records). Each column stores a certain type of data such as name or age. Save time by utilising standard out-of-the-box tables or design your own to meet specific needs. Then use Power Query to populate these custom tables with your organisation’s data.

To meet compliance and privacy requirements, you can control access to tables for different users with role-based restrictions. Dataverse also supports advanced encryption and integration with Azure Active Directory, all within one security model.

One key benefit is the ease of handling and utilising your data once it’s set up. Leverage Dataverse to build and extend Power Apps seamlessly using Dynamics data, allowing you to gather real-time actionable business intelligence.

Dataverse is also built into Teams, enabling the rapid creation of low-code internal apps and intelligent chatbots. For example, you can embed Power Virtual Agents into Teams to answer employee queries without the need to switch between apps.

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Microsoft Dataverse is a structured, scalable, end-to-end data management platform that can work with any data source or format. If you are in search of a flexible storage solution that is well-integrated with the Power Platform and fully extensible to Dynamics and other tools, you should consider implementing Dataverse.

ThinkShare have over 15 years’ experience securely migrating a range of data with minimum disruption and no data loss. We can also provide personalised advice so you can optimise how data is used within your business for the best results.

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