Viva Engage

Microsoft Viva creates a unified employee experience centred on connection. Engage is a social-community application that replicates the human connection of “water cooler” office chats within Microsoft Teams.

Build stronger personal networks, crowdsource knowledge and start two-way conversations between leaders and employees.

Build meaningful communities with Engage.

Inspire connection for employees at all levels in the organisation by curating communities based on shared personal interests, not just business goals. Employees can participate in as many communities as they like – for work and for fun – and develop relationships with a diverse range of coworkers they don’t directly work with.

Viva Engage acts as a professional social media with storyline and stories functions to share snapshots of your day, celebrate achievements and contribute your opinions. Being able to share and interact with personal stories is essential for team bonding and employee engagement.

The carousel feature connects you with experiences and perspectives from people across the organisation to enhance cross-company relationships. Feel a sense of belonging in the wider organisation and create an inclusive culture.

Content reaches the right audience with evolving personalised recommendations based on who and what you engage with.

Spark Conversation

Express your personality and find common interests. Create communities for anything from sports teams to business functions.

Show what you’ve been doing both in and out of work. Discussed what you learned from a webinar or share pictures from the charity fundraiser you volunteered for at the weekend.

Be more interactive with video and photo sharing. React and respond in the feed to stay updated with your coworkers.

Engage with Leadership

Leadership Corner provides a space to naturally engage with influential leaders. Leaders can share personal content like early career tips and answer questions to amplify employee voices. Host Ask Me Anything events to encourage contribution.

Being visible and engaged helps shape your organisational culture and creates the employee experience you want, that aligns with your values and objectives.

Share Knowledge

Create a learning culture, exchange ideas and share best practices. Anyone can ask and answer questions so learning becomes social.

Identify and @mention subject experts for their input. Filter questions to see what’s unanswered.

Reward contributors by spotlighting the most relevant answers. Community members are twice as likely to answer questions again if they receive a ‘best reply’ recognition.

Like other Viva modules, Engage can be pinned on the left sidebar for easy access within the flow of Teams. Reach people wherever they work, whether that’s from home, in the office or frontline workers on site.

Support diversity and inclusion by embedding socialisation and connection within everyday work applications.

Create authentic peer-to-peer communities with Microsoft Viva Engage.

Are you looking for a platform dedicated to improving communication in hybrid workspaces? Viva Engage plays an important role in delivering an engaging, consistent employee experience that will give everyone a voice, facilitate collaboration and strengthen relationships across the business.

To learn more about what Viva Engage has to offer and how to get your employees on board with it, contact our team of certified consultants today. We look forward to empowering your business to reach its full potential.

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