Data Governance and Compliance.

Data Governance and Compliance has never been so challenging, especially in a Hybrid Working Model. With employees working outside of office locations, your risks of data loss are far greater than ever. We can help. Discover what we can do for your business today.

Protect your secure data and secure your business.

Data governance can be defined as the process of managing company data as a strategic asset. This means setting controls around data, its content, structure, quality and use. Microsoft considers data governance to be the foundational pillar of a corporate data strategy.

All the previous steps, such as data discovery or classification are vital to build your data security plan. When done correctly, data governance can make it easier for companies to define that their data is consistent, trustworthy and properly used.

A robust data governance strategy is crucial for all organisations. As there is data held in all businesses, you need to take data protection seriously. Collecting data on employees, partners, clients etc, means you need to data security strategy which manages risks and takes necessary precautions.

Below is a summary of what Data Governance and Security services we offer. If what you’re looking for isn’t there, contact our team to discuss your needs and what we can offer your business.

Microsoft Purview.

Microsoft recognise the importance of Data Security and the challenges organisations face to keep it protected so they created Purview.

Purview allows you to get visibility of all your data and manage assets across your environment. You can also protect data across the cloud and identify risks and manage regulatory requirements.

There are many elements as part of Purview including Data Map and Catalog, Data Lifecycle Management, Data Loss Prevention and Compliance Manager.

Compliance manager allows you to manage your compliance needs with ease and convenience. With workflow management, evidence cataloguing, regulatory assessment templates and the ability to attach compliance scores, versioning and control assessments.

Data Governance is an important challenge but doesn’t have to be taxing. Let the technology help you keep compliant and secure with ease.

Purview Records Management.

A records management system allows businesses to manage regulatory, legal, and business-critical records. Records management for Microsoft Purview, aids businesses to remain within their legal obligations and increases efficiency with regular disposition of items that are no longer required to be retained, no longer of value, or no longer required for business purposes.

Below we detail further benefits of the system:

Purview Information Protection.

ThinkShare can maximise the capabilities from Microsoft Purview Information Protection (formerly Microsoft Information Protection) to help you discover, classify, and protect sensitive information wherever it lives or travels. Below is a summary of what it can offer:

Data discovery

Scan across data at rest and in use to classify across on-premises, SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Microsoft Teams, endpoints, and non-Microsoft cloud apps.

Data classification

Apply labels to identify sensitive information or proprietary data with built-in and trainable classifiers.

Activity explorer

Gain a better understanding of user activities related to your sensitive data and how that data is being used.

Content explorer

Take a deeper view into documents containing sensitive data and get the context you need to create data protection policies.

Purview Data Loss Prevention.

Data exfiltration is often a primary goal during cybersecurity attacks. In 2021, over 80% of ransomware attacks threatened to exfiltrate data. Adversaries target specific organisations with the goal of accessing or stealing their confidential data while remaining undetected, either to resell it on the dark web or to post it for the world to see. Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for endpoint plays a major role in helping organizations detect and prevent exfiltration through common processes used by attackers today.

Below is a summary of the actions ThinkShare can implement with Puyrview Data Loss Prevention:

  • Show a pop-up policy tip to the user that warns them that they may be trying to share a sensitive item inappropriately
  • Block the sharing and, via a policy tip, allow the user to override the block and capture the users’ justification
  • Block the sharing without the override option
  • For data at rest, sensitive items can be locked and moved to a secure quarantine location
  • For Teams chat, the sensitive information will not be displayed

Challenges of Data Governance.

There is no hiding that Data Governance is not easy but the rewards of implementing a successful strategy are great. The key thing is to recognise what the challenges are and how to overcome them. Below are just some of those challenges:

Company-wide Acceptance

Data is held across the business therefore there needs to be clear leadership and direction being direct as to what is expected.

Poor Data Management

Data is often held in different ways, siloed, in poor format, in legacy systems etc.


Businesses need to find the right balance between governance standards and flexibility so that the data can be accessed and kept in a practical format.

Aligning Stakeholders

This aligns with the Company-wide Acceptance challenge. Organisations need to work hard to convince all stakeholders of the value your data and persuade them that it needs to be secured.

Assignment of responsibilities 

One person can’t do everything. Data is everywhere, you need to delegate. Create a network of trusted individuals who can manage their area of data and ensure it is kept secure.


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Strengthen governance and adoption of Microsoft with Orchestry.

The Orchestry platform offers a range of productivity tools designed to boost adoption, aid in the creation of engaging templates, increase governance and empower self-service. ThinkShare have partnered with Orchestry to deliver the benefits of strengthened governance and increased productivity to our clients utilising Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

Orchestry is designed to improve business efficiency it allows you to set how controlled your governance is depending on your specific needs and resource.

Orchestry has been built by Microsoft experts and MVPs to make work simpler. Learn more about Orchestry today to understand how it can support your business.

Need to review your Governance Policies?

Governance has never been more important or challenging. If you are not up to date or not taking your governance controls seriously, it is a huge business risk. Let us help.

We have been helping new clients and existing review their Governance policies. Whether that is advising on permissions controls, MFA or implementing Orchestry, we can review what is right for your business and help you increase business security.  Our consultants will provide support and guidance through every stage of this process.

For an honest discussion about where your governance policies are at and what you want to improve contact our team today. We look forward to empowering your business to reach its full potential.

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