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Deliver a highly engaging employee experience that motivates and empowers your workforce.

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SharePoint Intranet

With a SharePoint intranet, you can implement an inspiring internal communications platform to connect employees to each other and the wider business.

Knowledge Management

A robust knowledge management system is essential. By centralising knowledge in an easy to find location, you can upskill employees, share expertise and empower your workforce to make better decisions.

Microsoft Viva

Invest in your employee experience to motivate your employees. From building meaningful communities in Engage to sharing news with Connections and working towards company Goals.

Use SharePoint and Viva to create an inspiring digital workplace centred on communication and collaboration.

SharePoint Intranets

Companies with engaged employees generate 2.5x more revenue compared to competitors with low engagement levels.

Improving your employee experience doesn’t only influence employee wellbeing and job satisfaction, it also has a direct positive impact on your business’s bottom line.

With a SharePoint out-the-box intranet, you can make internal communications captivating, streamline processes and save time on projects. Bring news, teams, documents and apps together in a centralised cloud-based, secure platform. This gives your employees the tools they need to seamlessly communicate and collaborate, regardless of their location and working hours.

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Intranet Strategy

Improve collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing within your teams by implementing a thoughtfully designed and strategically crafted intranet.

By partnering with ThinkShare, you will benefit from over 15 years of expertise with SharePoint solutions. Together, we can plan and build a modern intranet with a user-friendly interface and effortless navigation. Helping your hybrid workforce stay productive from anywhere.

We have a proven track record of delivering feature-rich intranets for a diverse range of clients and industries. We are committed to implementing engaging, secure and flexible intranets tailored to your unique requirements.

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Microsoft Viva

Microsoft’s all-in-one employee experience platform covers every aspect of employee engagement – empowering your employees to develop better work habits, access personalised learning plans, track shared goals and much more.

Let us evolve your digital workplace by leveraging Viva’s modules for company growth, employee connection and people insights.

ThinkShare recently built Viva Connections cards to quickly action tasks on the dashboard. We integrated data from a third-party HR platform, allowing employees to view their holiday allowance without leaving Connections. If you’re unsure how to get started with Viva, reach out to us to discover what’s possible.

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Knowledge Management

In today’s data-centric landscape, knowledge is one of your most valuable assets. A knowledge management system will bring together people, processes and technology, and better position you to identify knowledge gaps.

SharePoint offers powerful knowledge management capabilities and a central repository where knowledge resources can be captured, organised and shared. Its search functionality enables fast information retrieval, reducing interruptions to your workday.

Whether it’s documentation, best practices or improving findability, ThinkShare can guide you through any challenges you have. We also make sure you understand version control so you always have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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ThinkShare Experience.

ThinkShare worked closely with Carta’s Marketing Manager to design a bespoke SharePoint intranet that connected Carta employees to both internal messaging and the resources they need to work more effectively.
ThinkShare replaced a legacy document management system with SharePoint, a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leading Solution. Together we implemented clear policies for sharing, approving and collaborating on files.
ThinkShare worked with Vine to create user personas and from their created a site map that connected all functions of this unique website. We trained internal users onsite, empowering them not just to use the product but to embrace it.

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ThinkShare is an experienced Microsoft Solutions partner. Benefit from our deep understanding of the Microsoft product suite – from the advanced capabilities of SharePoint for intranets and knowledge management, to Microsoft’s comprehensive and ever-expanding employee experience platform, Viva.

We build solutions tailored to you that will achieve your long-term business goals. Our services can be customised to fit your budget, existing infrastructure and business processes, and level of in-house expertise. Schedule a no-obligation call with us to start your journey today.

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