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Elevate how your employees make sense of data and act on insights.

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Consolidate Analytics

Fabric combines a range of analytic services in one place including data lakes, data engineering and data integration.

Comprehensive Platform

It is a one-stop platform that integrates 3 of Microsoft’s most popular products – Power BI, Azure Data Factory and Azure Synapse.

Centralise Data

Securely manage data by connecting data sources and users in OneLake, eliminating data silos, data duplication and sprawl.

Generate Insights

Microsoft 365 connectivity enables seamless data sharing and collaboration. Utilise Power BI to generate engaging reports and visuals.

Create a culture of unified data analysis and informed decision making.

Microsoft was named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms. Fabric is the latest offering – an end-to-end application that handles data science, data movement, real-time analytics, business intelligence and more.

Fabric is easy-to use and highly integrated, designed to simplify your analytic needs. By enhancing your employees’ ability to access and manage data, both data professionals and everyday decision makers are empowered to better understand their data.

All Fabric services are built on OneLake. It is a unified data lake that allows everyone to work from only one copy of organisational data, stored in a central location. This makes it easier to share data without moving or duplicating information. OneLake works like OneDrive to enable processing, analysis and collaboration on data across systems.

Microsoft Fabric takes care of security and compliance settings. These will be applied uniformly in line with your existing governance policies, so there is no need for individual developers to configure their own data storage locations.

Further prioritising simplicity, Fabric is available as an all-in-one license. You no longer need to choose between separate data analytic product licenses for different people in your organisation, while still offering people flexibility to use their preferred analytic tools.

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