Project Description

Praxis is using Micrsoft Teams to connect their workforce.

Empowering collaboration and strengthening Hybrid Work with Microsoft SharePoint and Teams

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Praxis is a charity for migrants and refugees. Their direct services support people in London, and their training and campaign work has had both a national and international impact.

As the number of people that require their help continues to grow, they need to have a strong digital suite to support their team in the delivery of their vital services. This is why they reached out to ThinkShare.

The Solution

They had a file server that was unable to support new hybrid ways of working. Challenging permissions processes, and the scale and structure of the server had made finding the information employees needed both time consuming and unnecessarily difficult. Praxis also wanted to incorporate the benefits of the secure collaboration features of SharePoint, such as versioning and co-authoring.

To improve collaboration and accessibility across the charity, they decided they required the help of an experienced Microsoft Partner. They found ThinkShare online, and after being impressed by our references and extensive experience, they reached out.

We created a Microsoft Team for each business team and worked closely with the heads of each function to identify relevant data sources, what data required migration, and what redundant data could be deleted.

Following this initial research stage, we categorised and cleansed the remaining information and prepared it for migration.

The Outcome

Our experience and best practice approach ensured that the data was migrated smoothly into SharePoint. Thus, creating a single source of company information for the hybrid workforce to access with ease, regardless of their location.

SharePoint reduced both the time taken and the complexity of finding data. Every team member now has access to a multitude of new communication tools through Microsoft Teams, as well as the ability to Co-Author and collaborate on a variety of file types.

“ThinkShare have gone above and beyond to build a solution that worked for us. They supported us from project inception to completion and have enabled us to respond to a challenge that we couldn’t have predicted. In particular, their consultant Rhys was a joy to work with.
Rhys was always available, and no question, query, or task was too much to ask. “
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