Microsoft Dynamics Customer Voice

Capture valuable insights and take meaningful action to ensure your customers stay happy.

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Rich Template Library

Ready-to-use templates contain workflows, question sets and reports to get you started in just a few clicks.

Analyse Data with Ease

Visualise survey data to identify trends and uncover actionable insights, or trigger automated flows to respond instantly.

Built-in Scoring

Metrics like Net Promoter Score, CSAT and custom scores allow you to instantly measure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Personalised Experience

Tailor surveys to a specific target audience and request feedback in their preferred channels such as SMS or the web.

Gather feedback at critical touchpoints throughout the buyer journey.

In today’s competitive market, understanding your customers is the key to success. Accenture revealed that 64% of consumers want companies to keep up with and respond faster to their changing needs.

Integrate a dedicated feedback channel within your CRM to delight your customers. Dynamics Customer Voice (previously Forms Pro) provides tools to collect real-time feedback on sentiment and preferences. This allows you to create a detailed picture of how customers interact with your company.

Use this information to listen, understand and respond to your customers. Build lasting relationships and create engaging journeys that nurture all the way to sales.

Capture feedback at the moment it’s most relevant, then act on it quickly with data-driven decisions. It is important to align your service strategy with customer expectations.

Improving access to data with a CRM can significantly shorten the sales cycle. Connect and contextualise feedback with the customer information you already have.

Like other Dynamics modules, Customer Voice contains powerful analytics and reporting capabilities. This can be accessed by all users and facilitates better collaboration.

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ThinkShare Experience.

ThinkShare implemented Dynamics CRM solution for an industry-leading document management company. Our client’s goal was to streamline their lead creation and capture processes while building lasting customer relationships.

We conducted an options appraisal of the CRM software available in the Discovery phase of the project, and then implemented a tailored Dynamics CRM solution that met their needs.

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Upgrade Your CRM with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice.

Don’t let valuable customer feedback go untapped. With Customer Voice you can gather insights and turn them into actionable business strategies that will help you meet your goals faster.

At ThinkShare, our experts have over 15 years experience working with Microsoft’s digital suite and understand Dynamics 365 inside and out. We can configure a platform fully tailored to your organisation’s requirements. Utilising our extensive experience, we listen to your goals and prepare a clear plan to ensure success and minimal disruption.

By implementing Dynamics Customer Voice, we can help you respond instantly to customer insights by using personalised surveys, omnichannel integration, powerful analytics and more.

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