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Unlock the potential of your organisation’s collective knowledge with Microsoft Viva Topics.

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Viva Topics

Manage knowledge from various sources, turning unstructured information into an actionable resource that all employees can access.

Accelerated Decision Making

Topic pages and cards ensure information is easily digestible so you can utilise contextual knowledge to make decisions with confidence.

Ongoing Learning

Highlight the skills and knowledge of subject matter experts, facilitating peer-to-peer knowledge sharing in the flow of work.

Better Content Discovery

Reduce average search time by 75% by combining your company’s knowledge silos. Use Answers in Viva to quickly connect with the right people.

Manage knowledge in one place to improve decision making, onboarding, cross-departmental collaboration and more.

Knowledge is one of your most valuable assets but its full potential relies on easy accessibility so your employees can find what they need to complete their tasks. Currently, around 1 hour and 40 minutes per day are lost searching for hidden information that is often incomplete or outdated.

A knowledge management system will bring together people, processes and technology to better position you to pinpoint knowledge gaps. With a solution like Viva Topics in place, you can automatically capture implicit knowledge and expertise across your organisation.

Don’t worry about losing valuable content when people leave their roles – a knowledge management strategy ensures seamless consistency across business activities and departments. Improving productivity, employee engagement, skills development, innovation and overall organisational success.

Viva Topics surfaces relevant content and expertise in the places your employees are already working such as Teams, Outlook and SharePoint. Topic cards contain key information, subject experts, files and related topics or projects, helping users quickly extract information and connect to colleagues with the right knowledge.

Use a knowledge management solution to build a culture of continuous learning and development that’s focused on knowledge sharing as an integrated part of every work day. Decision makers perform better and act faster when all the information they need is conveniently stored in one centralised location.

Additionally, new employees can utilise Viva Topics to search for answers independently, quickly familiarising themselves with past projects and overcoming blockers like company-specific acronyms. When Viva was implemented, time from onboarding to full productivity was 50% faster.

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ThinkShare Experience.

ThinkShare configured a Viva Topics solution for an international human rights organisation. This acted as a knowledge centre for their geographically dispersed workforce, containing a directory of Topics on the homepage for easy access.

Our client relies on their consultants’ knowledge to achieve their mission of creating a more equitable world. They provide actionable advice to help businesses improve the lives of workers by respecting human rights across supply chains.

ThinkShare customised an out-the-box Viva Topics solution, ensuring it included vital knowledge, files and links. This enabled our client’s employees to access the latest best practice information in the flow of work, without leaving the proposal or project brief they were working on.

Use your time more efficiently by deploying Viva Topics.

Do you want to ensure that knowledge is retained and used effectively in your organisation? Topics organises your knowledge and empowers your employees with shared experiences and learning opportunities.

ThinkShare have a proven track record of working with the Microsoft Viva platform to transform our clients’ employee experience. Our certified consultants can quickly and simply configure Viva Topics, as well as provide training and guidance on how to maximise your new knowledge management solution.

To learn more, discuss the implementation of Topics or receive a free demo, please contact our team today. We look forward to empowering your business to reach its full potential.

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