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Streamline your document management experience with SharePoint Online.

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Boost Efficiency

Bring all your files and folders into a centralised location with powerful metadata, making it easier to search and retrieve documents later.

Data Security

Safeguard sensitive information with advanced security features such as encryption, restricted sharing and access and edit permissions.

Version Control

Keep track of changes to prevent data loss and duplication while maintaining accuracy. You can easily restore previous versions if needed.

Powerful Co-authoring

Enable multiple users to edit and review documents simultaneously, creating a culture of collaboration at home or in the office.

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficient document management is crucial for success. The amount of information collected is growing rapidly, but a study by IDC found that only 32% of available data is put to work.

A document management system is the backbone of an efficient organisation. SharePoint enables you to create, share and centrally store information. Every employee can quickly and easily find what they need using intuitive search and navigation, and collaborate on documents and data in real-time.

Get more productive with a document management solution that offers robust security, metadata, version control, reusable templates, automated notifications and workflows and so much more.

Within SharePoint Online, Document Libraries simplify the creation, management, archiving and sharing of documents with your team members. Enabling you to find documents faster, driving productivity, collaboration and business growth.

Set yourself up for success by categorising your documents with metadata that filters by author, date modified, department and more to speed up content search and retrieval.

For maximum efficiency, also utilise workflows to automatically route tasks to the appropriate people to action them, for example collecting approvals or signatures.

SharePoint has a familiar, user-friendly interface and seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft 365 tools you use every day. Get in touch to discuss if it’s right for your business.

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ThinkShare Experience.

RigNet are a world-leading networking provider for companies with distributed operations. They generate a high volume of highly valuable but complex documents in their day-to-day activities.

ThinkShare replaced their legacy document management system with SharePoint – a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leading Solution. Our expert team implemented Document Sets – a group of related documents that can be managed as a single entity. We worked closely with the client to ensure all stakeholders could access and collaborate on files.

With this brand new document management solution in place, RigNet reduced their storage costs, streamlined document approval and control processes and maximised the overall ROI on their Microsoft 365 licenses.

Modernise your document management systems with SharePoint.

Are you ready to replace your outdated and inefficient document management processes? ThinkShare will work with you to deploy a cutting-edge document management solution that’s designed to elevate your organisation’s productivity and collaboration.

As your SharePoint implementation partner, we provide end-to-end support as you migrate your data and set up your new solution to meet your unique business requirements. Our consultants can provide guidance on standardising folder and tagging structures, establishing access permissions to libraries to maintain confidentiality and more.

Schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our SharePoint experts to learn more about SharePoint’s document management capabilities and our tried and tested migration process.

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