Grant and Donor Management

Accelerate your mission with a Dynamics solution designed to increase donor giving for nonprofits.

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Reach Your Audience

Build loyalty by personalising interactions at scale. Use data on households, preferences, affiliations and more to segment your database.

Engage Your Donors

Deliver content through the right channels at the right time with real-time, automated campaigns that will improve fundraising efforts.

Make Data-Informed Decisions

Leverage powerful analytics, seamless reporting tools and dashboards to identify high-performing campaigns and measure impact.

AI-Powered Predictions

Use your existing data to assign a likelihood status to each of your contacts, representing their readiness to donate for better business planning.

Raise more money by understanding and engaging with your donors and their priorities.

Sitting within Dynamics 365, the Customer Insights solution enhances resource utilisation and boosts donor outreach for increased funding. Use it to deliver unified experiences across marketing, fundraising and other key business activities.

To effectively reach and engage donors, volunteers and program participants, you need to provide tailored experiences. Dynamics’ full relationship management capabilities will help you secure consistent funding and build lasting, trusting relationships.

Fundraising and Engagement supports the evolving needs that nonprofits typically face by offering scalable, intuitive and AI-powered solutions. The integration of LinkedIn Sales Navigator simplifies constituent research, allowing you to leverage your organisation’s existing network and connections.

Nonprofits relying on donations and grants to achieve their mission require a robust fundraising program. The ability to embrace new technologies and innovative solutions is critical for success.

Dynamics Sales Enterprise provides rich features to support payment processing, the management of donors, opportunities, recurring gifts, events and more. Also get an immediate view of donations and cash flow to improve your fundraising efforts.

Grow and retain your donor base with integrated data, built-in engagement and communication tools, constituent profiles, targeted marketing journeys and effortless reporting. With this platform, you’ll empower your teams to spend more time on impactful work and drive highly productive and efficient operations.

Reach your fundraising goals faster by applying for Microsoft nonprofit grants and taking advantage of discounts for solutions like Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 and Azure.

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Expand your donor base with a purpose-built Dynamics 365 solution.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we specialise in leading digital transformation projects for organisations of all sizes, including charities. We are passionate about making the benefits of Dynamics 365 accessible for everyone.

ThinkShare can work with you to modernise your fundraising strategy by implementing a platform tailored to grant and donor management. Learn how to build and maintain lasting donor relationships, gain deeper constituent insights, streamline your fundraising processes and much more.

We understand that third-sector organisations are restricted by limited budgets and resources. But that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on advanced new solutions powered by the newest technology. Get in touch to find out if you meet the criteria for Microsoft’s nonprofit grants for registered charities. Don’t get left behind as fundraising needs evolve.

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