Viva Connections.

Connections integrates with your SharePoint intranet to deliver a new modern home experience. Building on existing capabilities means getting started is easy.

Accessible directly from the Teams App, it is a centralised location for information and resources, reducing search time by 75%.

Stay on track and find everything you need for a productive day in one place.

The home of Microsoft Viva.

Companies with highly engaged employees increase their profitability by 23%. Viva Connections transforms the employee experience and makes it easier than ever for employees to engage with new initiatives.

It can be accessed from any device from anywhere, so working remotely is not a barrier to benefitting from enhanced connectivity.

Viva Connections is the gateway to all other aspects of Viva. The dashboard collates information from across the company and surfaces content relevant to organisational priorities and individual job roles. Receive learning reminders, access well-being resources, interact with colleagues’ personal stories, keep up with your communities, check off your to-do list, and more.

Highlight updates and boost relevant news on the dashboard so employees can quickly catch up with what’s going on across the company. Include polls and feedback opportunities to invite discussions and gain deep insights into your organisation.

Designed to seamlessly fit with your corporate branding, you can curate a consistent employee experience that complements your goals and values. The content your people see can be customised to your needs.

Search your intranet from Microsoft Teams

Introducing Microsoft Viva Connections

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Simplify how you communicate with your people. Based on the principle of delivering content to the right people at the right time, you can keep your entire organisation informed and engaged. Tailoring the Connections experience means the feed is always up to date and relevant for each user.

Viva Connections increases the presence of other Viva modules, encouraging more employees to utilise them during their normal work day. Maximise productivity with actionable quick-access cards allowing you to complete tasks in the dashboard. Spend your time where it’s most valuable while realising the benefits of the Viva suite.

Bring your resources together in Microsoft Viva Connections.

Do you want to foster a deeper connection between your employees and the wider organisation? Are you looking for higher adoption of other Microsoft Viva tools?

ThinkShare’s certified consultants can quickly and simply configure Microsoft Connections for your business as well as provide training and guidance on how to maximise the platform. Integrating Viva Connections in Teams is a part of every intranet project we implement to help increase user adoption.

To learn more please contact our team today. We look forward to empowering your business to reach its full potential.

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