Viva Topics.

Utilise Microsoft Viva and share knowledge through Viva Topics.

Microsoft Viva believes when people thrive, companies flourish. Help your employees to share knowledge easily and within the flow of work.

Viva Topics is a knowledge sharing application which allows you to collate information on a specific topic and release it through applications your employees use everyday.

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Share expertise, insights and knowledge.

Viva Topics streamlines how employees search for information.

AI-technology describes the topic and collates related resources such as pages and files. Topics are searchable and highlighted when mentioned or cited by an author. Subject matter experts who have contributed to the topic are also clearly identified. The search process is less distracting because everyone knows exactly how to find the information they need, reducing the need for traditional meetings to share knowledge.

Utilising Topics will boost your employee’s focus and creativity. Topics are also an excellent way to equip new starts with the tools needed to find answers or learn about previous projects.

Learn more about what Viva Topics can offer your business and see how we have have implemented Viva Topics as a knowledge centre for an international consulting firm.


Deliver knowledge to employees in context. People can hover over a linked topic and read a card on the subject, know the topic experts to talk to as well as any relevant files.

Employees can also visit the Topic Centre to learn about all the topics and then be reminded of them through topic cards within context.

Connection and Identity

Viva Topics allows you to create pages on a specific content piece with content, conversations, links and expertise across your organisation.

You can automatically categorise knowledge and extract topic definitions, acronyms and alternative names. Collating all the relevant information together.

Curation and Organisation

Topics are made very easy to manage. you can easily create, edit and delete as you see fit. You can also choose to reject topics generated by Viva AI.

Viva Topics uses existing content features in Microsoft 365 to manage content. You can control who has access to view certain topics.

Featured Case Study: Viva Topics

Utilising Microsoft Viva Topics to Strengthen Workforce Knowledge and Drive Best Practice

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Introduction into Microsoft Viva Topics

Viva Topics are integrated across the Microsoft suite. As well as an individual app, you can utilise the knowledge share across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Outlook.

This is allows for your employees to learn and share knowledge within the flow of work. Microsoft Viva is all about helping your people to flourish at work. By enabling your employees to be the best they can be, you gain so much more as a business.

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Enhance knowledge sharing within the business though Microsoft Viva Topics.

Knowledge is one of your most valuable resources. Do you want to ensure the knowledge is retained in your organisation? Topics secures and organises your knowledge and enriches your employees with shared experiences and expertise.

ThinkShare’s certified consultants can quickly and simply configure Microsoft Topics for your business as well as provide training and guidance on how to maximise the platform. To learn more, to discuss the implementation of Topics or receive a free demo, please contact our team today. We look forward to empowering your business to reach its full potential.

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