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Microsoft Viva believes when people thrive, companies flourish. Help your employees to share knowledge easily and within the flow of work.

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Highlight updates and boost relevant news so employees can quickly catch up with what’s going on across the company.


Build stronger personal networks and start two-way conversations between leaders and employees.


Create impact on the business’s priorities and strategic objectives by driving employee engagement.


Bring training into the flow of work so your people can learn when it’s convenient.

We have over 18 years of experience deploying Microsoft solutions to clients across diverse sectors. Our experts can provide custom-built solutions tailored to your business needs, for maximum adoption and efficiency within Microsoft 365.


Deliver knowledge to employees in context. People can hover over a linked topic and read a card on the subject, know the topic experts to talk to as well as any relevant files.

Employees can also visit the Topic Centre to learn about all the topics and then be reminded of them through topic cards within context.

Connection and Identity

Viva Topics allows you to create pages on a specific content piece with content, conversations, links and expertise across your organisation.

You can automatically categorise knowledge and extract topic definitions, acronyms and alternative names. Collating all the relevant information together.

Curation and Organisation

Topics are made very easy to manage. you can easily create, edit and delete as you see fit. You can also choose to reject topics generated by Viva AI.

Viva Topics uses existing content features in Microsoft 365 to manage content. You can control who has access to view certain topics.

Empowering your employees to be at their best.

The world of work has forever changed. Now, the traditional requirement to work in the office-full time has changed and the number of remote workers has doubled in the past year alone. As our culture evolves to accommodate hybrid workers, this means ensuring an inclusive environment for your staff. Every employee should feel connected, no matter who or where they are.

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Share expertise, insights and knowledge.

Do you want to ensure the knowledge is retained in your organisation? Topics secures and organises your knowledge and enriches your employees with shared experiences and expertise.

ThinkShare’s certified consultants can quickly and simply configure Microsoft Topics for your business as well as provide training and guidance on how to maximise the platform. To learn more, to discuss the implementation of Topics or receive a free demo, please contact our team today. We look forward to empowering your business to reach its full potential.

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ThinkShare Experience.

ThinkShare worked closely with Carta’s Marketing Manager to design a bespoke SharePoint intranet that connected Carta employees to both internal messaging and the resources they need to work more effectively.
Think APS where enthused by the deployment of their new intranet that connected dispersed employees to the wider organisation. Responsive design was utilised for a mobile app, so the solution was equally useful when working away from the office.
Our client was managing the knowledge of best practices through a disparate employee base, this was becoming increasingly challenging. Our solution was to create a Knowledge Centre that could be curated and managed by topic champions.
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What ThinkShare can do for your organisation.

We will take the time to understand your company-specific requirements and what would work best for you. We then advise you on which, if not all, of the Microsoft Viva modules that would best support your business. From here, we deploy the desired modules to your Microsoft Teams set-up and advise you on how best to utilise these solutions to support employee experience and business objectives.

As Microsoft Partners and fully trained experts, we have completed many successful projects for a range of clients in public and private sectors. We work with you to understand your needs and build a solution that solves problems and boosts business efficiency. We also offer ongoing consultation post-deployment, so if ever you require additional help we are always here.

Mhairi Nisbet

Client Success Manager

Picture of ThinkShare Client Success Manager, Mhairi Nisbet

Mhairi is one of ThinkShare’s Client Success Managers. She has extensive background in managing projects and is passionate about providing the best solutions for our clients – success is in the title! She specialises in intranet projects and has an ability to drive projects forward, even within organisations who are resistant to change. Book a call with Mhairi to get your intranet project on track and unlock the full potential for your organisation.

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