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Viva is the future of employee engagement – from understanding employee needs, team dynamics, productivity and more.

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Viva Insights

Utilise prebuilt reports and custom metrics to make sense of the data on work patterns and habits.

Viva Pulse

Pulse enables managers to collect and act on employee feedback using customisable, research-backed templates.

Viva Glint

Capture 360-degree feedback from employees and leaders on a wide range of organisational issues.

Microsoft Viva is built on the idea that when employees thrive companies flourish. Forrester’s Total Economic Impact study revealed that Viva delivers an average 3x return on investment.

Viva brings together a range of EX capabilities with the potential to transform your organisation’s culture and the way work gets done. When Viva was implemented, time from onboarding to full productivity was 50% faster and employee attrition decreased by 20%.

Leverage real-time insights and data visualisations to develop your employee engagement strategy.

Make work-life balance a top priority with Viva Insights.

Insights is the original module for real-time wellbeing and productivity insights. These data-driven, privacy-protected insights offer recommendations allowing you to establish better work habits and optimise for peak performance.

ADP’s People at Work survey found that 1 in 7 employees experience work-related stress daily and 53% think their performance is suffering as a result.

Insights gives your people the tools they need to protect their mental health, from setting boundaries with protected focus time to closing out the day with a digital commute. It also provides access to mental health resources such as guided meditations, to foster a supportive culture.

Managers can use these insights and aggregated team trends to change how they interact with their people, track and improve meeting effectiveness and more

Create a feedback-driven culture with Viva Pulse.

Employee voice is a make-or-break issue for employee engagement. 78% of employees are eager to participate in company surveys. But 45% don’t believe their feedback leads to meaningful change and are more likely to be actively looking for another job.

By listening to your employees and acting on their feedback, you can build a positive work environment and boost morale. Viva Pulse enables you to easily collect feedback and stay in tune with employee sentiment. Use real-time insights to respond to their needs and concerns with targeted, proactive action.

When your employees have a say in the decision-making process they’ll be more engaged in the company’s growth and success and you’ll benefit from their diverse perspectives.

Turn insights into actions with Viva Glint.

Viva Glint transforms how you action employee feedback, giving you the best results for employee satisfaction and engagement. Use it to collect comprehensive feedback to gain a well-rounded view of strengths and areas of improvement.

It equips leaders with AI-powered tools they need to capture feedback and respond with meaningful change. From understanding engagement signals to comparing benchmarks to recognising high-priority areas. Surveys are built on the latest people science and produce interactive dashboards that enable you to drill down into both qualitative and quantitative data.

Glint closes the feedback loop by providing integrated recommendations, suggested action plans and more. Supporting you to become an organisation that encourages employee voice and input across the organisation.

Make data-backed decisions with Microsoft Viva.

As an experienced Microsoft Partner, ThinkShare can help you take steps towards creating a more engaging, productive and thriving workplace.

We can assist you in configuring a Microsoft Viva setup that meets your specific business needs. Contact our Viva experts if you would like more information on how Viva can transform your employee engagement strategy by collecting rich insights. Or schedule a free demo of the solution today.

When it comes to licensing, you have a couple of options. Viva Connections is available by default, and you can buy the other modules individually or invest in a Viva Suite license.

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