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Harness automation and AI to optimise time-consuming and resource-intensive business processes.

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Power Automate

Power Automate workflows streamline and scale your manual processes. The more you automate, the more efficient your processes will be.

Governance Strategy

Don’t wait for a problem before you act – governance controls and data security policies are essential to keep your apps and processes running smoothly.

Microsoft Lists

Keep work organised within teams with Lists, an information management tool with features like customisable templates and automated workflows.

Redirect time and resources to value-added activities so you can achieve more in less time.

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Power Automate

Work smarter not harder with Power Automate. 97% of IT decision-makers believe that process automation is vital to digital transformation.

If you have processes that rely on paper or email, it’s time to digitise. Workflows can range from delivering basic functionality like automatic notifications to more complex multi-step tasks like automating approvals.

ThinkShare’s Power Platform experts can suggest workflows that will have the most impact across your organisation. Reduce costs associated with human error and delays, improve accuracy in data entry and more. With our expert guidance, you can achieve rapid and tangible value from your investment.

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Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists is the evolution of SharePoint lists. It stands out as a powerful productivity app focused on simplicity, flexibility and seamless integrations.

It’s suitable for personal use or team projects. You can easily create, manage and share Lists to improve real-time collaboration and data sharing. Use the ready-made templates for many scenarios such as planning daily tasks and routines, tracking issues, managing budgets, planning events and more. Templates can also then be customised to meet your needs.

Lists integrate with other Microsoft 365 apps like SharePoint Online, Teams and Power Platform. Users can implement rules to automate actions based on changes to a list. For example, set up alerts when someone updates a column value or adds a new file to a library.

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Governance Strategy

Successful process improvement starts with a governance and security strategy. Establish clear policies, procedures, standards and role-based access controls to maintain the integrity of your systems and data.

We offer a range of consultancy, solution development and technical support services to help you create a secure and compliant environment for your Power Platform and Dynamics apps.

As part of our projects, we ensure your new solution is supported with advanced features that will protect your sensitive data from data loss, unauthorised access and more. Together we will create a detailed plan tailored to your specific industry regulations. Providing guidance on where to start and suggesting areas for improvement.

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Microsoft Copilot

Copilot is Microsoft’s AI-powered virtual assistant, bringing natural language generative AI capabilities to your favourite tools and applications, including SharePoint, Power Platform and Dynamics 365. Revolutionise how work gets done and achieve your business goals faster.

Microsoft’s WorkLab study found 88% of respondents believe that AI and automation fosters better teamwork and 54% reported improved problem-solving. With Copilot you can improve your strategic performance as well as boosting everyday efficiency and productivity.

By tapping into your organisational knowledge and data, Copilot can redefine authoring in SharePoint, streamline app development and workflow automation in Power Platform and much more.

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Solve bottlenecks and process inefficiencies with our Microsoft experts.

Ready to transform your business processes and deploy automation and AI technology?

We understand the critical role that effective process management plays in the success of your business. Our team are highly experienced in building solutions with Power Platform, Dynamics 365 and many more products from the Microsoft suite. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we have the demonstrable experience to help you achieve unparalleled efficiency, productivity and innovation.

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