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Orchestry is a unique solution providing organisations with management and governance control over your Microsoft 365 SharePoint and Teams products.

We can solve common workplace challenges by creating templated workspaces that allow for self-provisioning and free up IT resources. More than that, we can drive standardisation which will increase adoption and strengthen governance, ensuring an effective and secure working environment.

Orchestry is designed to improve business efficiency. It allows you to set how controlled your governance is depending on your specific needs and resource.

Orchestry is designed for organisations looking to improve working efficiencies, governance and standardisation of workspaces. Within an organisation, different levels can utilise the software regardless of their technical ability such as:

End Users

Orchestry allows end users to have ownership of the creation of workspaces utilising templates, without the need for approval. You can also standardise processes, advising them which tool is appropriate for specific tasks

IT Admins

Admins are able to govern their organisations’ workspaces, creating best practices and advanced provisioning capabilities. These functionalities reduce the time admins spend optimising workspaces and can better utilise their time on higher priority issues.

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Enhance Governance With ThinkShare.

We are delighted to have partnered with Orchestry to provide our clients with the following services:

Modern Workplace

Quick Start for organisations starting out in Microsoft 365. Vital for establishing processes and governance that will ensure safe practices and strong adoption levels.

Microsoft 365 Adoption

Upskilling users to better understand which Microsoft product is best suited to their needs thus increasing adoption levels company-wide.

Teams Optimisation & Clean Up

Empowering companies to optimise their Microsoft Teams set up, strengthen processes when creating new Teams, and ensuring they are used productively.

Teams & Microsoft 365 Governance

Creating effective governance programs for Microsoft 365, including Data Loss Prevention and managing Teams sites.

At ThinkShare, we have worked with Microsoft 365 since its inception and have years of experience understanding clients’ requirements, building solutions, and understanding where pitfalls can occur. We are a Microsoft Solutions Partner, and our team of Microsoft Certified Consultants are experts in SharePoint, Teams, the Power Platform, and Microsoft Dynamics.

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