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At ThinkShare we utilise the building blocks of SharePoint to create a unique solution that meets the needs of your business.

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Out of The Box Intranets

With SharePoint out the box you can implement an inspiring internal communications platform to connect employees to the wider business.

SharePoint Migrations

Our experienced team can create a tailored migration plan to transfer your files to your new secure cloud-based solution within SharePoint.


SharePoint can be more than a communication site. We can create unique project directories for internal teams and external partners to work collaboratively.

Document Management

A quality document management system is vital for a productive and collaborative modern workplace. We can help you maximise the value of your data.

We have over 18 years of experience deploying SharePoint solutions to clients across diverse sectors. Our migration experts can provide custom-built solutions tailored to your business needs, for maximum adoption and efficiency within Microsoft 365.

SharePoint Intranets

Companies with engaged employees generate 2.5x more revenue compared to competitors with low engagement levels.

With a SharePoint out-the-box intranet you can make internal communications captivating, streamline processes and save time on projects. Bring news, teams, documents and apps together in a centralised cloud-based, secure platform. This gives your employees the tools they need to seamlessly communicate and collaborate, regardless of their location and working hours.

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Going Beyond Out-The-Box with LiveTiles.

ThinkShare recognise that no two intranets are the same. Partnering with us grants you access to our SharePoint expertise so your solution goes further. We’ll help you build a people-centred intranet with seamless integration, instant access to updates, personalised support and in-depth user training.

Our partnership with branded intranet providers enables us to move beyond out-the-box designs. Meaning we can create beautiful intranets aligned with your branding to keep your employees inspired and in the loop with internal communications.

LiveTiles offers a tailored solution with advanced features such as brand integration, intuitive interfaces, integrated apps and much more.

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Your Migration Journey to SharePoint Online.

Considering upgrading your legacy software? By migrating you could save up to 50% of your IT expenditure with lower maintenance and running costs.

ThinkShare have a proven track record of successfully delivering secure migrations that protect your data and reduce operational costs. Working alongside your IT team to move from legacy systems to SharePoint Online.

We analyse your existing infrastructure, work with you to create a tailored action plan and execute it with minimal disruption to your organisation.

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Governance and Compliance with SharePoint.

Businesses utilise SharePoint for numerous reasons, such as document management and both internal and external collaboration. But not all businesses take the time to set up strong governance control and data security policies. You could be missing out on what SharePoint has to offer.

The ThinkShare team has extensive experience running projects for clients with varying levels of governance already in place. We work with you to help you know where to start, whether that’s establishing a vision, assigning roles and responsibilities, managing content sprawl or implementing processes for something else.

Governance and compliance strategies can be daunting. With our support, you can implement a long-term plan that will transform your sites and solutions for maximum productivity and accessibility.

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SharePoint Document Management

The amount of information collected is growing rapidly, leaving businesses with an unmanageable volume of data. Research by IDC found that only 32% of available data is put to work and worryingly, two thirds of the companies surveyed felt their data security was poor.

A SharePoint document management system enables you to create, share and centrally store information. With this in place every employee can quickly and easily find what they need using intuitive search and navigation, and simultaneously collaborate on documents and data.

Unlike file sharing via email, SharePoint is highly secure with additional benefits like seamless workflows, efficient content retrieval, file consistency, document repeatability and version control.

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Business Applications with SharePoint.

Creativity and teamwork make hybrid work more effective and play a vital role in business process transformation.

SharePoint provides tools for managing data, such as lists and libraries. Microsoft 365 integrates with third-party systems through Power Automate and Power Apps. Power Automate automates business processes, while Power Apps enables the creation of forms and mobile apps using SharePoint data. Both tools feature intuitive visual designers, making it easy for anyone to design forms and screens.

These solutions empower organisations to streamline workflows, enhance efficiency, and leverage data effectively. With a focus on content management and seamless integration, these tools foster innovation and collaboration in modern business processes.

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Develop an External Sharing Strategy

SharePoint enables users to securely share content with people outside the business – including partners, suppliers, clients and customers – so they benefit from the tools and features that make your internal collaboration successful.

With multiple Microsoft 365 subscriptions, external sharing facilitates collaboration between all licensed users. Microsoft 365 solutions are built for secure collaboration, enhancing your communication while maintaining robust data security.

It’s important to incorporate external sharing in your overall permissions planning for SharePoint and OneDrive. If you aren’t sure where to start, our experts are on hand to provide guidance.

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ThinkShare Experience.

ThinkShare worked closely with Carta’s Marketing Manager to design a bespoke SharePoint intranet that connected Carta employees to both internal messaging and the resources they need to work more effectively.
ThinkShare replaced a legacy document management system with SharePoint, a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leading Solution. Together we implemented clear policies for sharing, approving and collaborating on files.
ThinkShare worked with Vine to create user personas and from their created a site map that connected all functions of this unique website. We trained internal users onsite, empowering them not just to use the product but to embrace it.

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SharePoint offers advanced capabilities for intelligent document management, engaging intranets, robust governance and migration, secure external sharing and more.

We take the stress out of SharePoint implementation so you can access all this functionality to optimise your business processes and transform how your employees work together, regardless of where they are. We’ll provide a tailored strategy for your new or existing solutions so you can be confident you’re getting the most from your Microsoft tools.

All our projects start with a requirements gathering workshop to understand your challenges and pain points. We then come up with a detailed action plan to ensure you get the best outcomes for your organisation. It’s our priority to get to know you and involve your employees at every stage of the decision-making process.

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Andy Hodges

Chief Executive Officer

Picture of ThinkShare Chief Executive Officer, Andy Hodges

Andy is our Founder of ThinkShare, he started the business to deliver innovative Microsoft projects to digitally transform their organisations. Andy has worked with Microsoft products for over 20 years, delivering projects for a wide range of clients and can help identify areas where your business can evolve and grow. Book a call with Andy to begin your digital transformation journey.

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