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Create a unified employee experience centred on authentic peer-to-peer connections.

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Viva Connections

The Connections app is the gateway to the modern employee experience – supporting a globally connected, work-from-anywhere culture.

Viva Engage

Companies with a highly rated employee experience are twice as innovative. With Engage, you can foster a strong sense of community.

People in Viva

Discover connections across the company by surfacing shared interests, knowledge and goals to elevate relationship-building.

Leadership Corner

Use this space to increase transparency in messaging, connecting influential leaders with employees across the organisation.

Microsoft Viva is built on the idea that when employees thrive companies flourish. Forrester’s Total Economic Impact study revealed that Viva delivers an average 3x return on investment.

Viva brings together a range of EX capabilities with the potential to transform your organisation’s culture and the way work gets done. When Viva was implemented, time from onboarding to full productivity was 50% faster and employee attrition decreased by 20%.

Every employee should feel connected to the team and wider business, no matter where they’re working from.

Provide a personalised employee home experience with Viva Connections.

Connections is a customisable app that sits within Microsoft Teams, giving your employees a destination where they can discover relevant news, real-time announcements, start conversations and access the resources they need to work productively.

Each employee’s dashboard is personalised to their needs, preferences and role within the company. You can give different audiences a highly relevant experience, such as your knowledge workers or frontline staff who have different requirements.

Connections improves access to important information and updates. With adaptive cards, you can enable quick completion of admin tasks without leaving the home feed. For example, at ThinkShare we have been able to connect our HR platform – Sage HR – to display holiday allowance on the feed. It also integrates with other Viva modules, SharePoint, Stream and more to make communication and collaboration a key part of the workday.

Facilitate relationship building through Viva Engage.

The research shows employees are 89% less likely to leave their job when they are engaged. Having a dedicated virtual space for informal communication and ‘water cooler’ chat is crucial for morale and job satisfaction.

When employees feel like they belong, they are happier and more productive. Engage is designed to protect against burnout, stress and poor mental wellbeing by replicating socialisation in hybrid and remote teams.

Social media gamification features such as likes and comments encourage participation, and users can also curate their own storyline and post snapshot stories that showcase their personalities. These features can reveal shared interests outside of work, allowing employees to form meaningful bonds and foster a sense of community within the company.

By adopting Engage, you can bring together people who don’t encounter each other through regular work activities and help expand their networks.

Grow your professional network with People in Viva.

43% of leaders report that building strong team relationships is the biggest challenge of the hybrid work model.

With the People in Viva module, Microsoft aims to support authentic relationship building, unite people across teams and departments and provide opportunities to develop diverse connections. Employees can easily access information that makes reaching out to colleagues less daunting by providing a starting point for conversation.

Promote trust and transparent communication through Leadership Corner.

Leadership Corner is a dedicated space for leaders and managers to interact with the whole workforce. It’s a great way to increase leadership visibility and communicate with them directly. Transparent communication channels are important to help leaders inspire their teams.

Share your organisation’s mission, values and strategic direction to foster alignment among your people. Leaders can contribute their knowledge and unique insights on various topics via open two-way dialogue, such as hosting ‘Ask Me Anything’ events. This enables them to connect with employees on a deeper level.

Also utilise Leadership Corner for influential people in the company to lead by example and model healthy habits i.e. scheduling focus time in Viva Insights.

Build meaningful communities with Microsoft Viva.

Microsoft Viva has the power to transform how your organisation and your people operate.

As an experienced Microsoft Solutions Partner, ThinkShare can provide advice, guidance and implementation support as you adopt Viva Connections, Engage and other relationship-focused modules.

Start reshaping the employee experience and provide ways for your people to build strong and lasting connections with each other. Get in touch with our Microsoft consultants for a chat about your specific project requirements or schedule your free demo of the solution and everything it offers.

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