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We are proud to work as part of a wide network of Partnerships who enhance our offering to our clients and projects.

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We are a trusted Microsoft Solutions Partner.

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Microsoft Solutions Partner is a status given to any business that has demonstrated expertise in delivering Microsoft technologies and providing innovative solutions to their clients. It is a formal recognition of the business’ capability to deliver quality services and meet customer needs using Microsoft solutions.

To achieve this status, businesses need to meet certain requirements such as completing Microsoft training, passing certification exams, meeting customer satisfaction requirements and providing references. Once these requirements are met, a business can apply for the Microsoft Solutions Partner status but must be verified in order to become accredited.

We are delighted that ThinkShare has achieved an accredited Microsoft Solutions Partner status. This accreditation demonstrates that we’ve got the skills, capabilities, and demonstrated experience to deliver successful client projects every time.

ThinkShare partners: LiveTiles & Orchestry

We work with a number of partners whose products we utilise for client projects, such as:


LiveTiles is a digital workplace platform that helps enterprises deliver a seamless, personalised, and meaningful employee experience to every employee – wherever they work. LiveTiles is a solution developed on top of the pre-existing SharePoint framework, allowing for an extension of the platform whilst still maintaining Microsoft’s security standards.


A platform comprised of productivity tools designed to boost adoption, aid in the creation of engaging templates, increase governance and empower self-service.

We also work with a number of MSP partners, supporting their Microsoft 365 needs.

If your client approaches you with a Microsoft 365 challenge which you cannot meet, we can have a discussion with you or the client directly to understand their requirements and how best to solve their problem. We can also run a demo call with your client to show the various features, functionalities and capabilities of the relevant product so they can decide if it is the right solution for them. We would then provide a quote based on their requirements.

From Digital Transformation to creating an engaging and inspiring intranet, we can improve your clients’ digital workspace creating greater efficiencies and increasing employee engagement. Below are just some of our services. We can talk to your client, understand their challenge and find the best solution for them.

Partner With ThinkShare.

We are always looking at ways we can expand our business and open to new ideas and partnerships. If you have a product in the Microsoft 365 space and think it could benefit our customers, get in touch.

If you are an MSP who is looking to keep supporting your clients and need our expertise, contact our team.

Book a call with our team to discuss where your needs are and how we can help.

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