Microsoft Power Automate is a cloud-based workflow automation tool that empowers businesses to streamline repetitive tasks and automate manual processes across various Microsoft 365 applications and services such as Dynamics and Power apps, allowing for employees to reduce margins of error, improve systems and become productive.

Picture it as a digital assistant that connects your apps and data automatically executing pre-defined actions based on specific triggers. Microsoft Power Automate can be the ace up your sleeve to boost productivity, free valuable time and even improve employee wellbeing.


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Can Power Automate Be the Answer?

Power Automate is a game-changer. Automation tools minimise mistakes allowing for your business to flourish as a streamlined and error-free champion. Tedious manual tasks are eliminated, and high-level processes are accelerated across the entire business.

“90% of IT users claim automation has made them much more satisfied with collaboration across departments” (SalesForce)

Co-pilot in Power Automate

Power Automate users can engage with Co-pilot to gain answers related to the processes they are setting up, reducing time in creating flows with predefined or custom prompts.

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Power Automate can supercharge productivity

Automating data-entry

Automate the transfer of data between different application, eliminating manual data entry errors and saving significant time. Through streamlining and automating processes Marketing & Sales can integrate with their CRM platforms like Dynamics 365, simplifying their lead generation through lead scoring, email list creation and client profiling.

“10% of customer journeys are fully automated. 91% of marketers say marketing automation helps them achieve their objectives. Automated emails generate 31% of all email orders.” (Exploding Topics)

Streamlining approvals

Automatically route documents for approvals, reducing delays and keeping workflows moving. Finance can automate quotes and order invoices, create multi-stage approvals, integrate with external platforms for payroll and integrate with Microsoft Power Apps to create customer portals for invoices, information access and orders.

“Every day, hundreds of millions of transactions are processed through Microsoft Power Platform … the sheer volume means a degree of inefficiency and human error is unavoidable. Modern systems have the advantage of APIs to eliminate that inefficiency and the possibility of human error.” (Microsoft)

Managing notifications

Set up notifications for important updates, keeping everyone informed and aligned. HR can, create easy sick and absence forms, set up email notifications for platforms such as SharePoint, streamline holiday approval processes and provide easy-to-follow checklists for onboarding.

“Respondents from companies with successful efforts are seven times more likely than others to say they formally involve the communications function while implementing automation efforts, and they are more than twice as likely to say the HR function is involved” (Mckinsey)

Generating reports

Automatically gather data and generate reports, allowing for quicker and more informed decision-making. CEOs and business owners can automate and simplify business analytics from Power BI, generating forms which can be sent to the correct users at specified times, allowing for more time on higher priority tasks, strategic decision making and increased productivity.

“72 percent credit making automation a strategic priority with being one of the most important factors in their companies’ achievements with automation” (Mckinsey)

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Power Automate Business Benefits.

Through automating repetitive tasks, Power Automate frees up time for employees enabling them to focus on higher priority tasks that require creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. This shifts the focus form mundane tasks to strategic work, ultimately leading to increased efficiency and improved business outcomes.

Reduce time and cost

Automation is a cost cutter and a time saver, especially for teams that rely on manual paper processes. With power automate accelerating your internal operations, you can save time and money on resources needed to complete processes. plus, you can reassign those employees previously engaged in manual tasks to more critical needs.

Visibility and Transparency

With Power Automate, you won’t have to provide additional support to your team. It ensures that best practices are followed, and governance is enforced. Through data gathering, reporting, and analytics capabilities, you can view data dashboards that provide visibility and transparency into what everyone is currently working on, enabling more informed decisions.

Process Standardisation and Compliance

Power Automate has strict guidelines on who’s able to make changes or update documents. With Business Process Automation (BPA) in place, you don’t have to worry about missed steps because the process is already built into the system. This also means businesses will be able to keep track of who’s using what data—through logging names, dates, and assignment details without hassle. Documenting that information also helps you create audit trails and demonstrate compliance.

Improved Employee and Customer Satisfaction

Integrating Power Automate into your process allows employees to complete their daily tasks effortlessly and accurately, leading to a happier team. Automation provides a friction-free environment where employees can excel. Faster manager approvals mean your employees can concentrate on more significant projects that inspire and innovate business decisions. And as a bonus, you’ll have happier customers. Because your customers will receive more precise and consistent data, they’ll be more content with the product or results.

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