Project Description

Designing an engaging employee experience with Valo Intranet.

Ventient Logo

Our Client and Their Challenge

Ventient Energy are Europe’s largest independent generator of onshore wind energy. Their enterprise spans the continent, and their commitment to the environment drives them on their mission to build a sustainable future for us all.

As the business spans across the UK, Portugal, Spain, France and Germany, Ventient recognised the need to create an engaging central communication platform that brought together globally distributed teams. They wanted a solution that could provide team news and updates in a more dynamic way, available anywhere on any device.

They highlighted that they need a place to:

  • Facilitate access to key policies, documents, and resources (e.g., HR policies, the business
  • plan, brand toolkit)
  • Share news about the exciting initiatives they were undertaken to futureproof the renewable market and host information about upcoming events and project launches
  • Enable input and feedback from different teams on key areas of work (e.g., pulse surveys)
  • Build internal relationships and a sense of team (e.g., ‘Getting to know [X employee/ X
  • team])
  • Spread insight and learning across the team (e.g., blogs/vlogs from team members)


The Solution

Ventients wanted a solution that wasn’t just functional but also one that reflected the brand in an eye catching and exciting way. Whilst SharePoint had the functionality they required out-of-the box, it’s design can be viewed as somewhat lacking.

So we made the decission to utilse Valo for the project instead. A solution built upon SharePoint with a range of additional features and design tools to delight and captivate Ventients Users.

In line with their project objective Valo could facilitate access to Ventient’s company news, information, documents, and social activities, all from one centralised platform. At any time, on any device, anywhere. As part of the project, we recognised that the following Valo features would be key in helping engage employees and create an inspiring intranet.

The Outcome

By utilising the extensive features of Valo we were able to not only achieve the objectives of the project but surpass Ventient’s expectations. Their new intranet connects their people with the information they need to do their job effectively. It fulfils their need of sharing information, strengthening employee relationships, allowing them to feel better aligned with their business and so much more.

Its functionality provides everything the business needed, but more than that it has begun to pay dividends in the relationships and shared purpose of their distributed teams. Collaboration has never been easier for the company, and we can’t wait to see how this team spirit and shared purpose for future proofing our planet pays off.

“The team were a joy to work with, they had clarity on both the project objective and worked in partnership with our team throughout the project to ensure it’s success.

This Valo intranet, with its rich engaging design will empower collaboration throughout their regions, for years to come. We cannot wait to see what they achieve in the future.”

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