Project Description

Utilising an Intranet to Encourage Upskilling and Improve Employee Wellbeing.

Aligning SharePoint with your Companies Purpose.

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Our Client and Their Challenge

The Edwin James Group is a group of expert manufacturing and engineering businesses comprised of three brands, EJ Parker Technical Services, EJ Musk Process Services and EJ Peak Technology Solutions.

Each addition to the group brought another set of processes and technology. With employees across the group using disparate systems, document management had become disorganised.

With that in mind, Edwin James recognised they needed a portal to centralise information. They needed a platform to:

  • empower collaboration,
  • streamline knowledge sharing,
  • improve employee engagement,
  • continue the development of their Training Academy.

With these objectives in mind, they decided it was time to upgrade their intranet.

The Solution

We began with a series of indepth discovery workshops with the projects key stakeholders that allowed us to collect detailed requirements, pull together the overall information architecture of the solution and then build a mock-up of their intranet homepage on SharePoint Online.

From there, an implementation plan was designed to showcase wireframes of the main pages and a more detailed mock-up of the intranet. The plan also included functional specifications on how we would utilise components of Microsoft 365 across the main pages of the intranet.

To meet their key objectives, we utilised Microsoft Forms to connect Edwin James employees with the right resources in the custom built Training Academy.

We also utilised a number of tools including Pages and Forms to build out a well-being area that employees could use to improve the overall experience.

The Outcome

All employees, regardless of where they are based, on-site, off-site, in-office or remote have access to a single platform that connects them with the information they need to do their job well.

The workshops allowed us to really get a feel for the passion they had for upskilling and taking care of their employees, and we were able to incorporate this into the intranet. Taking it from a basic out-of-the-box SharePoint intranet and creating an engaging platform for employee well-being and continuous education.

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