Insight Article - Microsoft Solutions Partner

We are proud to be a Microsoft Solutions Partner.

We are delighted that ThinkShare has achieved an accredited Microsoft Solutions Partner status. This accreditation demonstrates that we’ve got the skills, capabilities, and demonstrated experience to deliver successful client projects every time.

The partner programme requires us to provide proof of our knowledge, high-quality work and strong client relationships to maintain this high standard.

What is a Microsoft Solutions Partner?

Microsoft Solutions Partner is a status given to any business that has demonstrated expertise in delivering Microsoft technologies and providing innovative solutions to their clients. It is a formal recognition of the business’ capability to deliver quality services and meet customer needs using Microsoft solutions.

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To achieve this status, businesses need to meet certain requirements such as completing Microsoft training, passing certification exams, meeting customer satisfaction requirements and providing references. Once these requirements are met, a business can apply for the Microsoft Solutions Partner status but must be verified in order to become accredited.

It doesn’t stop once status has been gained. Businesses are required to maintain their accreditation by continually delivering successful implementations of Microsoft solutions and meeting customer satisfaction goals.

Gold and Silver Partnerships are no more.

The previous Partner Programme gave companies the status of being a Gold or Silver Partner however this has now closed. Partners are now required to reapply to the new Partner Programme in order to remain relevant and accredited.

The new programme has a number of different designations and specialisations. ThinkShare are a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work. This means we have demonstrated a broad capability to help clients boost their productivity and make the transformation to hybrid work solutions.

What does this mean for me?

The status gives you a level of trust that we are a reputable business who are credible and invested in providing high quality installations for our clients. We have demonstrated that we are knowledgeable in our areas of expertise and continue to deliver successful products to highly satisfied clients.

This status demonstrates our ability to develop engaging business solutions for a wide range of clients, utilising products across the Microsoft 365 suite.

“I am very proud of the ThinkShare Team for getting the Solution Partner status from Microsoft. It is through their hard work, dedication and continuous learning that have enabled us to earn this accreditation. With more to come, we are excited to see what the future holds.”

Andy Hodges, ThinkShare CEO

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