With the remote and hybrid work revolution, keeping everyone connected and motivated can feel like navigating a digital mase. But, not to fear, MS Copilot is here.

Tackle the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that have traditionally burdened workers, thus freeing them to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of their roles.

Can Copilot Be the Answer?

Copilot for Microsoft 365 represents a new example in work, where AI and employees collaborate for increased productivity. It addresses the modern challenge where the pace of work is overtaking our ability to keep up.

Two women using Copilot for Microsoft 365.

“3 in 4 people would be comfortable using AI for administrative tasks.” (Microsoft)

Transform how you work in the digital age

Powered by Large Language Models (LLMs) and utilising your business data from Microsoft Graph, Copilot aims to spark creativity, boost productivity, and foster new skills. This innovative tool integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft 365 suite, including popular applications like Teams, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel, to elevate productivity and creativity in the workplace.

Examples of Copilot for Microsoft 365 in action may include:

  • Outlook: Summarise the content of a large email thread. PowerPoint: Turn a text-heavy slide into concise bullet points for greater clarity.
  • Word: Rewrite a paragraph in a different tone or style.

The goal of Copilot for Microsoft 365 is to change the way you work, transforming your everyday tasks into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Microsoft Copilot is more than OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Copilot is a sophisticated orchestration engine and processor. It utilises the strengths of LLMs with Microsoft 365 apps and your proprietary business data within Microsoft Graph.

Trusted data security

Anchored in the heart of your business data lies the strength of Copilot for Microsoft 365. It harnesses AI-powered LLMs, trained on vast collections of data, and skilfully intertwines these models with your unique business data. It does so while maintaining a firm commitment to security, compliance, and privacy.

Operating with real-time access to your content and context within Microsoft Graph, Copilot has the capacity to generate responses deeply ingrained in your business content. It expertly sifts through your documents, emails, calendars, chats, meetings, contacts, and more to provide insights. When paired with your ongoing work context – whether it is the meeting you are currently in, recent email exchanges, or last week’s chat conversations – Copilot delivers precise, pertinent, and contextually aware responses.

Copilot rests on Microsoft’s approach to security, compliance, and privacy.

Since Copilot is integrated into Microsoft 365, it automatically aligns with your company’s robust security, compliance, and privacy policies and processes. With features like two-factor authentication, compliance boundaries, and extensive privacy protections, Copilot for Microsoft 365 establishes itself as a reliable AI solution that you can trust.

Copilot in HR

Copilot can automate the creation of easy sick and absence forms, set up email notifications for platforms such as SharePoint, streamline holiday approval processes and provide easy-to-follow checklists for onboarding. This not only saves time but also ensures that the communication with the employees is both timely and accurate.

Together, let us revolutionise your workplace. Creating a dynamic hub for

collaboration, communication, and productivity.

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