Project Description

Improving pipeline visibility and enabling strategic decision making with PowerBi.

Creating rich data visualisations for greater insight and improved lead management for a trusted Managed Service Provider in Scotland.

Our Client and Their Challenge

Our client are an expert Microsoft Partner that have empowered countless organisations over the course of eight years, in their journey to Azure. They have worked with customers, across verticals – from small start-ups to established international global brands – to help them get the best from the Azure platform.

They came to ThinkShare, as they had the desire to improve the experience of both existing prospects and new leads, maximise the value of their CRM data, and improve the visibility of their sales funnel.

As it stood, their sales team currently had little reference to sales forecasts or which contacts and leads had gone stale over the past 30 days.

The current system made it difficult to filter current leads and opportunities in the CRM based on vital criteria such as pipeline stage, owner and date created.

The Solution

After an initial consultation and workshop, we noted how the team could utilise PowerBI to take advantage of the useful data the sales team were generating and inputting into their CRM, and better utilise this to improve lead visibility for senior management.

Following this session, we gathered requirements and created wireframes to develop a clear understanding of what would be built, as well as the purpose of each component.

With their approval, we integrated PowerBI with their CRM Dataverse data. This integration enabled the creation of five unique dashboards. Each of these presents previously hidden data in a way that is clear to understand and easy to action.

As part of our initial consultation, we noted a challenge around being able to identify whether or not a lead had been contacted within the past 30 days. Our Power Platform consultant was able to configure the data so that users could see Contacts who had never had contact via the CRM/Email and Contacts who had not been contacted in over 30 days via the CRM/Email.

Project Implementation

Following the consultancy phase and the build phase, our team members moved on to the implementation phase.

This involved providing in-depth training workshops to a range of prospective users. These sessions focused on how to make the most of the dashboards and training more technical users on how to develop the dashboards further.

We handed the dashboard file over to our client and assisted in the deployment so they could understand the process for developing and delivering further dashboards themselves.

This means they now have the internal capability to design, create, and deploy bespoke dashboards. Thus increasing the value of the project exponentially.

The Outcome

Sales managers can now drill down into the sales data and easily obtain forecasting with instantaneous access to up-to-date sale information. Sales reps for the organisation have access to stale contacts and are now staying up to date with opportunities and leads that may have been historically missed.

With these new features in place the company can strategically plan ahead, not just for the next quarter but for the next year, and sales reps can better manage relationships.

Our client are now making data-backed decisions, that improve lead management and help drive solid forecasting and strategic business planning.
We can help you to achieve the same.
Andy Hodges, ThinkShare CEO