Project Description

ThinkShare provided comprehensive Power Apps support for G&O Springs.

Acting as both a technical expert and strategic partner to optimise their internally built applications, prevent system downtime and facilitate empowering knowledge transfer.

G&O Springs Logo - ThinkShare Case Study

The Client and Their Challenge

G&O Springs, a precision Spring Manufacturer specialising in Aerospace, Defence and Safety Critical Applications, needed a reliable solution that would meet the fast-paced, ever-evolving needs of the industry and their clients.

G&O Springs work in close partnership with their customers at every stage of the process, from design through manufacturing and testing. They are committed to delivering excellent customer service, ensuring on-time delivery and high-quality products every time. By utilising the latest techniques and CNC technology, they can continue introducing innovation into their products while cutting costs for their customers.

Their primary goals were focused on enhancing the customer experience, meeting and exceeding quality standards, reducing product lead times and consistently providing a quick resolution to queries. To achieve this, their skilled team built several Power Apps internally. These solutions allowed them to manage products, parts and routes taken during the production process.

However, the Power Apps were developed by a temporary employee on a work experience placement. This resulted in operational challenges when the employee left the company, and they didn’t have the in-house experience to maintain their apps effectively.

Recognising the need for professional support, G&O Springs decided to outsource to an experienced Microsoft Partner and got in touch with ThinkShare. The decision was made to standardise processes and create formal documentation. This improved efficiency, minimised software downtime, addressed knowledge gaps and protected against data loss and wasted resources.

Our client’s vision for embracing change is now supported by their partnership with ThinkShare, enabling them to continually adapt and scale their Power Apps as their requirements change.

The Solution

ThinkShare’s approach to Power Platform support, like all our projects, is highly collaborative and focused on our clients retaining control of their applications at every stage.

G&O Springs selected ThinkShare as their support partner because of our quick response times during the presales phase, where we showcased our expertise and experience with Power Platform.

With the support contract, we maintain G&O Springs’ existing apps alongside their interns to ensure their apps are always in working order and prevent disruptions to business-critical processes. Our team of Microsoft experts assist in the debugging and developing of their Power Apps, as well as prioritising knowledge transfer to empower their employees.

The support contract included 20 days of consultancy. This allowed designated employees to log issues and quickly get assistance. We take a remote-first approach to our projects and conducted these support calls over Microsoft Teams. We worked closely with G&O Springs to ensure all project requirements were met.

All our projects begin with a client consultation and a comprehensive requirements assessment. This allows our technical team to develop an understanding of the client’s specific needs, their existing Power Apps setup and their long-term business goals and strategy.

Based on this assessment, ThinkShare prepared a custom support proposal – including ongoing technical assistance, application maintenance, security updates, performance optimisation and employee training.

We initiated the project with an in-depth performance and security audit to identify bottlenecks and vulnerabilities in their Power Apps. After the necessary improvements were made during onboarding, the support contract entered its ongoing phase. ThinkShare provided rapid troubleshooting and bug fixing, regular consultations and solution enhancements to maximise the value of G&O Springs’ Power Apps investment.

We take pride in our rapid resolution rates and are committed to promptly identifying and addressing any software glitches or bugs. This enables our client to maintain a stable, reliable environment that supports efficient operations.

The Outcome

Leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience working with the Power Platform, we elevated Power Apps performance for G&O Springs. We collaborated to transform their existing apps into more user-friendly solutions, driving productivity and encouraging adoption within the company.

G&O Springs faced some challenges that couldn’t be solved internally, and turned to us to optimise and secure their Power Apps to protect their valuable data. They have successfully moved away from depending on a specific employee to support their apps. The tech can now seamlessly grow with them and adapt to future business needs.

Under the support contract, G&O gained access to a dedicated point of contact from ThinkShare who was able to quickly address any technical issues and queries. Our proactive monitoring and on-hand tech support minimised disruptions, ensuring smooth business operations and rapid issue resolution.

We look forward to continuing our partnership and supporting G&O Springs in their continued business growth.

“ThinkShare have been very responsive when we’ve reached out with support queries. It’s given us peace of mind that our Power Apps are running smoothly and we’ve been able to develop our solutions further with their expertise. Overall ThinkShare’s support has been a great asset for our business.”

– G&O Springs