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Improving the employee experience and productivity, through engaging internal communications and a unified digital workplace.

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Advanced Customisation
Omnia allows for extensive customisation to allow you to build the intranet solution you want.

Enhanced Governance
The solutions allows you to manage content aligned with defined information and security policies.

Modern Mobile App
Ensure your frontline employees can access your intranet from anywhere with the Omnia mobile app.

Powered by Azure
An intranet-as-a-service with secure Azure hosting – including a customised release schedule for product updates three times per year.

Engage with your employees with Omnia’s powerful content targeting, search and navigation capabilities.

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Omnia received the 2023 ClearBox Consulting Intranet Choice Award for the sixth consecutive year, ranking #1 in Price and Performance analysis.

Omnia developed their product to deliver great solutions for communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing with the Microsoft product stack. Today there are over 300 organisations utilising it to improve employee experience.

It’s designed for the best possible user experience, enabling precise content targeting so the right people are connected to the right messages. Offering an intuitive publishing experience, rapid page loading and a consistent look and feel across all devices.

Get up and running quickly using prebuilt components, templates and extensive customisation options. Omnia can be deployed to an Office 365 or SharePoint environment either as an Azure AD App or a SharePoint Add-in. It’s currently available for on-premises or cloud-based solutions, with built-in connectors for full Microsoft 365 integration.

ThinkShare are one of a few select partners in the UK who can implement Omnia for our clients. We were attracted to Omnia because of the advanced customisation options, robust governance capabilities and multi-tenant solution management. Our partnership with Omnia, a top-rated intranet provider, enables us to deliver exceptional solutions and service to our clients.

Having a strong understanding of what the product can offer, we can explain just how Omnia can transform your business. ThinkShare provide a full range of services including strategy and planning, intranet design, implementation, user training and support throughout the product roll-out.

Contact our team of specialists for more information to discuss your requirements and find out what we can offer your business.

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